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Monday, March 13, 2017

Top 10 Books On My Spring 2017 TBR feat. Ashley Poston, Hannah Moskowitz, Roshani Chokshi & more

Here are the 10 books I am most definitely planning to read next! All of these are super exciting picks that you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

ANY BOY BUT YOU - Julie Hammerle
I love Julie's debut THE SOUND OF US and this will absolutely be my next read when I'm feeling like m/f contemporary. This is apparently You've Got Mail in Stars Hollow. Hells yeah. (February 13th 2017, Entangled Crush) Goodreads

DREAMOLOGY - Lucy Keating
It's definitely time for some more magical realism for me and it's also been a while since I've read something related to dreams. Dreaming a boyfriend into life sounds exactly like my jam. (April 12th 2017, HarperTeen) Goodreads

OF FIRE AND STARS - Audrey Coulthurst
My next high fantasy read will definitely be sapphic. You can never say no to princesses who like girls. (November 22nd 2016, Balzer + Bray) Goodreads 

I'm waiting for the perfect mood for this. Pranks and douchey love interests, this is bound to be one hell of a reading experience. (June 6th 2017, Entangled: Teen) Goodreads

WAKING GODS (The Themis Files #2) - Sylvain Neuvel
This finally, finaaaally comes out in April and I cannot wait to find out what the ancient alien robots are up to next. This was a major obsession of mine in 2016 and my body is 100% ready for the sequel. (April 4th 2017, Del Rey) Goodreads

GEEKERELLA - Ashley Poston
Somebody pinch me, that request was pending for months on Netgalley, I never thought I'd get this one. I love books about fangirls. Yes please. (April 4th 2017, Quirk Books) Goodreads

I don't even care what this is about, the cover is gorgeous and I know that everyone in this is bisexual. Sold. (August 18th 2015, Chronicle Books) Goodreads

LEGEND - Marie Lu
Oh, I'm feeling another dystopian phase coming up. I really liked the writing in THE YOUNG ELITES, even though the book ultimately wasn't my thing. Maybe this time! (November 29th 2011, Putnam Juvenile) Goodreads

GOODBYE DAYS - Jeff Zentner
Can't believe I got a review copy of this either, I'm feeling super embarassed that I didn't read this before it actually comes out. This was probably in like 3 other TBR/looking forward posts. Oops. (March 7th 2017, Crown Books) Goodreads

This year I will. Seriously. I've never really been in the mood to read the whole thing, which is 100% on me. I'm a mood reader. Next flowery read will be this! (April 26th 2016, St. Martin's Griffin) Goodreads

What are you planning to read this spring?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10 Books on my Spring 2016 TBR

10. MAGONIA - Maria Dahvana Headley
Love the concept!
9. ANGELFALL - Susan Ee
This is 100% Tracy's fault.
8. THE RAVEN BOYS - Maggie Stiefvater
Seriously, it's so annoying that everyone on tumblr but me has read this. UGH

7. FROSTFIRE - Amanda Hocking
I won the second book in that series in a giveaway. I really have to read the first.
Again, tumblr is annoying me
Again, Tracy's fault.

4. THE DARKEST MINDS - Alexandra Bracken
Friends have been going on about this. I heard there's a really cute boy in this.
I read one of Han's novels before and found it a little to Middle Grade for me. Let's give her another try.
2. THESE BROKEN STARS - Meagan Spooner & Amie Kaufman
I love space.

1. OF POSEIDON - Anna Banks

Okay but I've been wanting to read a decent book about mermaids for a while and couldn't find anything and then I found out about this fabulous series and I can't believe I haven't read it yet! 

What's on your spring TBR?

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme originating from The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday they choose topics that we are supposed to create a list about, considering our personal reading preferences.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

How to Really Keep Your TBR Below 20 Books | Book Blogging Tips (#27)

As a book blogger, we all know this problem: buying books to no end, with even no intention of ever actually reading them.

An unread library is a great thing, right? You'll convince yourself that you'll get to read those books eventually, but you never do. And suddenly your TBR is in the hundreds.
Let me help you fix that.

I'm not going to tell you to just stop buying books like most of these posts say. Let's be realistic, we're never going to stop buying books and we don't want to. I have found a bullet-proof method to make sure that TBR is going down. With every step you decide to take it will get harder and more difficult. If you do them all and actually go through with it, your TBR WILL get smaller. Trust me.

  • Step 1: Create a bookshelf only for unread books.
Reorganize. In order to know what kind of problem we're dealing with, you have to find out how big it actually is. If you know your TBR will be in the hundreds, stick to making space for it in a single shelf. If you're really serious about this, you can even make two shelves or even an entire book case.
But be warned: the bigger the TBR we are planning to eliminate, the harsher this will be.

  • Step 2: Make a schedule
You won't get to read a new book unless you've read ___ books from the shelf.
My TBR was about fifty when I started that method, so I stuck with two books from that shelf and then a book I really want to read (no matter if from that TBR shelf or not) or a book received for review.
Depending on the size of your TBR stack I propose this:
50: 2 from the TBR, 1 book of your choice
100: 4 from the TBR, 2 books of your choice
200: 8 from the TBR, 3 books of your choice
300: 10 from the TBR, 4 books of your choice
If that your TBR shelves are eliminated, restack them with the rest of your unread books until there are less than twenty left. Twenty is an okay number to stop. Don't let that TBR pile build up again, you've learned your lesson.

  • Step 3: Close your blog for pitches.
Yup. You have enough books to read, stop being delusional. There won't be any book proposed to you that isn't similar to a book you already have your TBR. You can reopen your blog for review requests when your TBR has divided in half. I'm serious. Close it now.

  • Step 4: The BIG NOs
Here are some things that you are absolutely NOT going to do. If you do them, increase the amount of books to read from your TBR by one. There goes your treat.
  1. You aren't going to buy that sequel to the really great book you read if you haven't read enough TBR books
  2. You aren't going to spend more than 30$ on books per month
  3. You aren't going to pass on the TBR books because you want to read something different. That shelf WILL be read.
  • Step 5: Buying Habits - Sales Only
Yeah I know buying books is the bane of our existences, but you really have to check your habits if you've made it to step five and still don't really see your TBR shrinking. We have to fight the problem at its source. Your wallet will thank you, even though you might hate me.
  • Only buy books on special sale if you're saving a lot of money. I'm not talking about 2$ discounts
  • No gift cards. You'll still be able to use them after you've taken care of the TBR
  • Don't bring any money or credit cards if you HAVE to go to a bookstore and are already over your book buying limit
  • Take a friend to that book store and tell them to make sure you don't buy anything
If you actually go through with all of these, your TBR should shrink significantly very soon. If it doesn't, you're not following the rules. Always remember: Keeping your TBR in check doesn't only help your wallet, it also helps the conscience. Don't buy stuff you don't want to read! 

What are your tips on managing your TBR?

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Impossible Goodreads TBRs - Do You Even Try? | YA Talk

"I'm adding this to my TBR" has become an ancient proverb to me. I say it so often that it probably lost all its meaning.

The times where I did actually go to my TBR to determine which books to read next are long gone. 

Let's Do Some Math

I actually started laughing when I took a look at my Goodreads TBR and saw this:

  • The average book is 80,000 words long
  • The average reading speed per minute is 200 words. 
  • An average-speed reader needs 400 minutes to read an average-length book, that's 6.6 hours.

I have 2239 books on my TBR. Pretending these are all average-length books and I'm an average-speed reader, I'll need 14,777.4 hours to read all these. That's 615.7 days. That's 20.5 months. That's 1.7 years worth of consistent reading. Doesn't seem that high, am I right?

Sadly, in reality I read about 50-100 books a year. The span is that high because I'm super inconsistent. If we pretend I read an average of 70 average-length books for the next few years, it'll take me 37.98 years to get through this TBR. Let's hope there's a lot of DNFs hidden in there.

How Books End Up There

Do I intend to actually read the majority of these? Probably not. I put books on my TBR too easily. 
  • I think I'll like the book, so it's going on my TBR. 
  • Great synopsis! On my TBR.
  • Ooh, my favorite author has a new book? On my TBR.
  • Hey my friend said it's a good book. On my TBR.
  • Wow I like the cover. TBR.
  • Wow I like that review. Gotta check out the book. TBR.
  • Great list of topics I like, better add every single book on it to my TBR.

Do you handle your TBR as carelessly as I do? Or am I just a mess?

Does Anyone Actually Work on Their GR TBR?

Because I don't. I used to, but right now I've got the book blogging community and an immediate TBR stored in my head. I know exactly which books I'm about to buy when my physical TBR shrunk a little. Who needs Goodreads if you have a surprisingly long list of recommendations?

I know that my TBR is nothing compared to the pile of books some of you guys have. I've seen TBRs in the six digits. 
The question is, is it really important what I put there? There are so many books on my list that I probably won't ever read and only added for some long-forgotten reason.

Should I have been more selective with what I add? Probably. Should I actually use it like it was intended - to keep track of what I actually read? Who does that?! I don't know. I just know that I have a lot of reading to do now. About 37 years of it.

How high is your GR TBR? 

Are you actively working on getting rid of it?

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