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Thursday, October 8, 2015

9 Methods to Write A Sucky Book Review | Book Blogging Tips (#20)

I've let you in on the secrets of writing good reviews already, now it's time to show you what NOT to do. Reviewing may be a matter of style and personal preference but there are at least nine surefire ways to mess up. Avoid those.

1. Synopsis > Review

Make sure that you have a review in the first place! If your review is 90% synopsis and one sentence of opinion, you're doing something wrong

2. Where's the Opinion?

Your review should make clear what you thought of the novel. There has to be a rating and you HAVE to state what you think. You don't necessarily need to sum up at the end, but your reader has to know what you think about the book after they read the review

3. Review ≠ Summary

Don't narrate the plot. Your readers don't only want to hear what the book is about three times, they want to know what you thought of it

4. Unlabeled Spoilers

If you want to get insulted in your comments, that's the way to do it! Posting hardcore spoilers is a no-go and seriously, why. You're just ruining other people's days and possibly attracting their fury. 

5. War and Peace #2

It's nice to write out your opinion and sometimes you just have to post a very long review. I understand that it's not easy to get it all in, but that's why reviewing is a craft. 

If your reviews are always more than 1000-1500 words long you should really learn to shorten them. Occasionally it's fine, but don't do it every time.

6. "Mini-Reviews"

I don't know why this is a thing and I don't want to know. So-called mini reviews are super short reviews, I've seen people post 5 sentence long ones. I personally think that you shouldn't do things halfheartedly

If you don't have the time to write a proper review, wait and do it when you do have the time. It's extremely disrespectful to the author to do this instead of a full review when you've received a review copy. I've seen it all.

7. GIFs

It's some people's style to add some reaction GIFs and that's perfectly okay. But if you need fifteen GIFs or more and then add about a sentence each for your review, that's a little unsettling. I wonder what your review would look like without all those GIFs. 

Maybe try and state your opinion verbally and cut out two or three of them, I'm sure you'll be able to convey the same message easily.

8. Quotes, Quotes, Quotes

If I wanted to read quotes, I'd actually bother to buy the book instead of reading your review. Did you know that it's against the copyright for most publishers to use a quote that's longer than 25 words? 

You actually have to pay for the right to be able to use quotes of that length. I'm sure you didn't contact the publisher and acquire rights for that, so stop it right there. 
A quote here and there is fine, but when you're copying an actual paragraph it's not only illegal, but also super annoying to read. Scratch out the quote and just describe what it says. 

9. No Formatting

It makes it 299% easier for your readers to read longer texts if you format. There's italic, bold and underline set in your blogging plat form as default script editing for a reason. Use bigger and smaller fonts, use colors, go nuts! If you don't, people won't bother reading your longer posts.

What are your reviewing NO-GOs?

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