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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 10 Books Released in 2016 that I Loved feat. Louise Gornall, Tara Sim & more

2016 was a fabulous year for my shelves, I discovered a lot of new favorite books and I hope you'll add a couple of those to your tbr as well!

Teen pregnancy and so many tears while reading this. (May 2016, Blaze Publishing) Goodreads

THE SOUND OF US - Julie Hammerle
If you love a good contemporary and like Camp Rock, this is your pick. (Jun 2016, Entangled Teen) Goodreads

LABYRINTH LOST - Zoraida Cordova
Of course there's no best of 2016 list without my lovely Latinx witches. (Sep 2016, Sourcebooks Fire)   Goodreads

WE AWAKEN - Calista Lynne
Asexual girl loving girls in the dreamiest novel of the year. Swoon. (Jul 2016, Harmony Ink) Goodreads

NICE GIRLS ENDURE - Chris Struyk-Bonn
This is such a fantastic novel about a fat girl with anxiety #owning it. (Aug 2016, Switch Press) Goodreads

WINK POPPY MIDNIGHT - April Genevieve Tucholke
A magical contemporary with fantastic unreliable narrators. (Mar 2016, DialBooks) Goodreads

Told in second person this is a murder mystery with a side of the best romances I've read this year. (Nov 1st, Sourcebooks Fire) Goodreads

A steampunky delight featuring a boy falling in love with a clock spirit. Fresh and fun, this is such an original little gem! (Nov 1st 2016, Sky Pony Press) Goodreads

WRECKED - Maria Padian
This one chronicles sexual assault from the perspective of different people who have had something to do with the assaulted. (Oct 4th 2016, Algonquin) Goodreads

Invisible illness, agoraphobia and being house-
bound. All my love to this one. (Jul 7th 2016, Chicken House) Goodreads

What were your 2016 favorites?

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10 Must-Follow Book Blogs | Top Ten Tuesday

I think it's very important to share and promote your favorites from time to time. 

Here are some of my favorite book blogs that I visit regularly and that you should definitely check out and follow!

They host the Discussion Challenge which definitely impacted my blog a lot back when I began. A super pretty blog with a lot great content!

If you like to branch out a little and are don't only like reading about YA books, this is your pick. A great source for diverse and unconventional reads. 

If you want to be up to date about the newest releases and read ARC reviews as quickly as possible, this is the blog to read!

If you don't only want to read reviews and discussions but like the occasional upbeat post about something else, try this blog. Even though I love regular book blogs it's refreshing to read a blog that's mixing both lifestyle/personal and bookish!

I originally came across this blog via their original feature Feature Follow Friday. It's a great way to find more blogs and gain followers. You should definitely check their blog out, they write the most entertaining posts!

A wonderful blog that always helps me discover great new reads! They have a feature called Fresh Reads where they post about the new releases on the market. Super helpful!

If you like romance and urban fantasy, this is the blog for you! A lot of reviews of great books here.

I love this blog! Honestly one of those that I almost check every day. If you like passionate reviewing and fun discussions, check their blog out.

A new discovery. The perfect mixture of helpful posts on how to become a blogger and wonderful reading recommendations!

Probably my favorite book blog. Tracy posts the most entertaining discussions and has impeccable taste in YA!
She also hosts the Dystopia & Horror Reading Challenges that I highly suggest you participate in.

What are your favorite book blogs?

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme originating from The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday they choose topics that we are supposed to create a list about, considering our personal reading preferences.

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