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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Books I Avoid, Books I Really Should've Read & more | Bookish Questions TAG

Y'all know I love a good tag. So here's another one I discovered, in which you learn quite a lot about my habits and my weird taste.

1. What book is on your nightstand now?
IF I WAS YOUR GIRL by Meredith Russo.

2. What was the last truly great book you read?
THE SEAFARER'S KISS by Julia Ember, you guys know how much I love this fabulous bisexual mermaid story.

3. If you could meet any writer—dead or alive—who would it be? What would you want to know?
Honestly I would just want to meet Oscar Wilde. He seems like a swell dude and I think we could be friends. I'd just want to hang with him.

4. What books might we be surprised to find on your shelves?
Probably the flat out ridiculous amount of Goosebumps and Fear Street and The Three Investigators books. I love them, they were my childhood. I've got about forty, I think.

5. How do you organize your personal library?
I switch it up. Sometimes it's by color, sometimes I poorly attempt to do them by author, but usually it's just by convenience. I don't have enough space for everything, so I basically just organize them by whatever fits.

6. What book have you always meant to read and haven’t gotten around to yet? Anything you feel embarrassed never to have read?
  • AMERICAN STREET by Ibi Zoboi
  • THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas
  • AKATA WITCH by Nnedi Okorafor
  • ALUTA by Adwoa Badoe
  • INTO WHITE by Randi Pink
I don't feel embarrassed about not reading anything! One book at a time.

7. What book did you feel you were supposed to like but didn’t? Do you remember the last book you put down without finishing?

A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC by V.E. Schwab was definitely a huge letdown for me. I'm almost mad that I didn't like it, mainly because I lovelovelove books that feature parallel worlds.

There haven't been any memorable DNFs lately, fortunately!

8. What kinds of stories are you drawn to? Any you stay clear of?

A book can only become a potential new favorite and five star if it has:
  • fantastic world building that makes me forget where I even am
  • decent, not overly flowery prose
  • a memorable voice
  • is so thrilling that I don't want to put it down and/or finish it in one sitting
I avoid books that have:
  • only white, straight characters
  • follow book tropes and a specific unoriginal formula with no spin on it
  • have special snowflake protagonists that are the chosen ones

9. If you could require the president to read one particular book, what would it be?
I really don't care about patronizing/policing what other people read. I would decline that opportunity.

10. What do you plan to read next?
Oh, I don't know. Maybe 27 HOURS. Possibly 27 HOURS. It's so long until release date but I don't think I can wait much longer.

Consider yourself tagged!
Feel free to leave your link in the comments!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

10 Things that Make Bookworms Happy

There are many bookish delights in the world, but today I'll only showcase ten of them for you for Top Ten Tuesday.

#10: Owning a complete series with matching covers
I only have one set of matching cover books and it's so close to my heart. It's so beautiful.

#9: Watching the movie after you read the book
I'm one of those super impatient people that very likely will watch the movie beforehand when it's 100% something I NEED to see. But when I manage to get it together and read the book first, it's almost always magical to see the movie.

#8: That feeling when you look up and notice you've been reading all day
Remember those books that immerse you so complete in their world that everything outside of it, in the real world, doesn't matter anymore? I wish I'd encounter one of those again.

#7: Discovering bookish SWAG where you least expect it
You're just minding your business and trying to do some shopping when you casually encounter book-inspired clothes or jewelry. Makes my day every time!

#6: When a recommendation hits home
I am so humbled when people ask for my opinion, even more so when they actually end up liking the book I urged them to read! Success!

#5: Loving the first book in a series and realizing all sequels are already published
It's such a wonderful feeling to not have to wait to read a series.

#4: Book Sales
Can anyone of us ever walk past a book sale?

#3: Discovering a new favorite author!
There is nothing more pure than reading multiple books by the same person and loving them all.

#2: Book mail
I love, love, love getting books in the mail The anticipation before opening the package, looking at a new book for the first time - it's fantastic!

#1: The smell of a new book
Nothing can trump this. Honestly, this is the most beautiful smell in the world.

Which bookish delights do you enjoy?

Leave the link to your post in the comments if you like!
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bookish Resolutions For 2016 | Top Ten Tuesday

The only resolutions I'm making for 2016 are bookish. Here's what I plan on doing in 2016:


1. Read more thrillers
For some reason a huge chunk of my TBR is crime and thriller books. I really want to get rid of them.

2. Buy more horror books!
I've always been into the horror genre, but I never really found books that interested me. Now that I've got a huge wishlist full of great horror books, I gotta work on this

3. Read more graphic novels!
I've been wanting to get into them for a while, I'm just not sure where to start.


4. Do more memes again
I feel like the ocassional blogging meme doesn't hurt and I remember quite enjoying a couple of those

5. Keep posting original content
I want my blog to be about 33% reviews 33% original posts and 33% memes. Let's keep this up.

6. Maybe start doing more writing-related content?
I haven't really figured out my niche yet, but lately I've been toying with the idea to make my blog a hybrid between a book and a writing blog. Not sure about this yet, we'll see.

7. Get a proper header + button that people can add
One of the things that bugs me most is this, but I haven't really found the right artist to do this for me and I don't think I'm confident enough in my own art skills to do it myself. Any recommendations?


8. Review more indie books
Even though I have quite the long queue of books to review, I really want to get more into indie titles. I love supporting indie authors and I really want about 20-30% of the books I review to be indie.

9. Update the format of all my old reviews 
I finally found the perfect format for my reviews and I really, really, really should update all my old ones.

10. Request more ARCs
I don't really review ARCs much, unless they're from my favorite authors. I feel like I should really start being more on top of my game with the new releases.

What are your resolutions for 2016?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Books About Book Lovers | Top Ten Tuesday

10. The Neverending Story - Michael Ende
Bastian finds a book that draws him into the magical world of Fantastica. The world is in danger and only a human can save it by giving the queen a new name.

9. The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield
In this gothic novel, Margaret Lea is given the task to write the biography of the famous novelist Miss Winter. She hasn't read any of her books before, but one day finds a copy of Miss Winter's collection of thirteen stories. However, there are only twelve stories in the book and Margaret desperately wants to find out what the Thirteenth Tale is about.

8. The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
Liesel, a girl whose parents have been taken to a concentration camp during the Second World War, spends her days stealing books.

7. Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury
Guy Montag is a fireman whose job it is to burn forbidden books, because they are the source of all unhappiness and evil in the world.

5. Matilda - Roald Dahl
This goes without saying.

4. Loving - Katrin Bongard
This is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice, but featuring a book blogging nerdy heroine!

3. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Again, no description needed.

2. Inkeart - Cornelia Funke
I don't think I need to describe the plot because at this point everyone has heard of it. If you've watched the horrible movie I apologize. The series is brilliant, unique and captivating. If you haven't read it yet, I strongly recommend doing so!

1. The Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruis Zafón
Daniel, the son of an antiquarian book lover is in the possession of a novel called The Shadow of the Wind. He absolutely falls in love with it and tries to find out more about the author and his other works. Turns out, someone out there is destroying all of the authors other novels and Daniel is trying to find out why.

What's Your Favorite Novel Featuring a Book-Loving Character?

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