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You Can't Spot Problematicness. Yes, I'm mad
When You Have to Review a Problematic Book
I'm Dragging Racist Books in 2017 and You Need to, too - a Callout. 
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Book Blogging Etiquette: 

Sometimes you get so frustrated with the blogging world that you have to launch an etiquette feature to teach everyone some manners.

Started: 16th August 2015
Status: Active
Tagged: bbe


Book Blogging Tips: 

In which I explain some things that could be helpful for new book bloggers.

If you have any suggestions or requests for future topics / would like me to explain something in more detail, let me know in the comments under one of the BBT posts or send an email to actualbookavid@gmail.com

If I decide to do a BBT on that topic, I'll make sure to credit you!

8 Blogging Resolutions for 2017 - Things I Vow to Do, and You Should, Too
Problematic YA Books By (Mostly) Non-#Ownvoices Authors Masterlist
8 Blogging Maintenance Things You're Probably Neglecting

Started: 10th April 2015
Status: Active
Tagged: bbt, book blogging tips



Started: July 2016
Status: Active
Tagged: blogger confessions


YA Talk:

A feature in which I talk about things associated with YA.

Varies from list posts to discussions to rants.

On #AuthorsBehavingBadly Online and What to Do So I Will Never Buy Their Books EVER 
5 Toxic Tropes to Include To Make Me Dislike Your YA Book Instantly
Should We Separate Authors from Their Problematic Work? On False Representation and Whether Authors Deserve Call-Outs
Do We Owe it to Authors to Call Out Problematic Books Nicely?
What is POC rep to you? "Olive Skin", On the Page, and Non-#Ownvoices Authors 
Once You Go Diverse... Diverse Books are Better Than Non-Diverse Books
I'm Dragging Racist Books in 2017 and You Need to, too - a Callout. 
You Can't Spot Problematicness. Yes, I'm mad.

Started: 29th May 2015
Status: Active
Tagged: yat, ya talk



#DiversityBoost was a new monthly feature on my blog where I boost and highlight diverse books or books by diverse authors. 

Started: 25th August 2016
Status: discontinued
Frequency: Monthly, towards the end of the month.
Tagged: diversity boost, db

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