Sensitivity Reading

not taking any new bookings until:
20th August 2017

If you're not familiar with the concept, a sensitivity reader is a marginalized person that checks for problematic content in terms of representation in your manuscript.

Every sensitivity read is different, should you need me to check for all my areas of expertise, this will also affect the price. To determine how much you can expect exactly, I made a tentative list of prices:

Areas of expertise: 
  • bisexual/biromantic
  • biracial
  • black
  • disability+chronic illness
  • bi/multilingual
  • genderqueer/genderfluid/agender
  • ace-spectrum
  • immigrants/immigration.
I'm also a native German speaker and live here, if you need someone to fact check your German characters, I'm your person.

  • REGULAR (starting at $0.004 per word)
A regular sensitivity read includes a letter detailing my general impression, suggestions, problem areas I'd advise you to edit, and possible revision ideas. The length of the letter obviously varies, the more problems with the representation, the longer the letter. Typically they end up being around 3-5 pages, sometimes less if there are no issues.
Turnaround time: 1 week for 50k, after booking date.
  • LINE COMMENTS (starting at $0.0075 per word)
This includes the regular sensitivity read package with a letter detailing my general impression, suggestions, problem areas, and possible revision ideas, plus me commenting through word track changes while I read so you know exactly what aspects I had issues with and can revise more easily.

Typically they end up being around 4-7 pages (sometimes less if there are no issues). These are a little longer than the regular ones because I'll be working with the examples I pulled from the text.
Turnaround time: 10 days for 50k, after booking date.
  • + SPEED TURNAROUND (+20% of the package you book)
This can be booked with every package and will guarantee you a speed turnaround time. Your manuscript will be prioritized effect immediately and I'll drop everything else to get going.
Turnaround time: Full speed is around 50 pages/day for just a sensitivity read, maybe 40/day for a line edit.


Send all inquiries to actualbookavid(at)gmail(dot)com

Be sure to include all details about your project-- I need all of this to be able to determine a price and if this project is right for me:
  • deadline
  • budget
  • naming the package you'd like to book
  • are there specific marginalized characters [side or main/POV characters?] and themes or is this a general read?
  • do you have a list of trigger warnings/triggering content?

  • Patreon supporters (for 2+ months, to avoid people abusing this) get up to 35% off my editing services. So that's nice. 
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