The Bookavid originated from my tumblr account bookavid.

Here you'll find book reviews, mainly on YA lit and select adult titles, and rambles and discussions about writing, publishing, and reading.

I'm always happy to collaborate with bloggers, publishers, and authors.



I'm a twenty-something from Europe and I obviously love to read. I'd love to work in the publishing industry in the future and am always looking for great opportunities to gain more experience!

I also make pretty bad acoustic music, write novels about queer girls, make terrible art, and take way too many selfies on tumblr, yet don't know how to smile in pictures.

I'm slightly better at blogging though, I think.

Favorite Authors
Sarah Crossan, Sophie Kinsella, David Levithan, L.J. Smith, Julia Ember, Amy Lukavics

Favorite Books
  • Every Day - David Levithan
  • Could It Be Magic? - Melanie Rose
  • Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella
  • Life's That Way - Jim Beaver
  • The Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot
  • Boys That Bite - Mari Mancusi


#1: Time travel  (think Passenger, The Next Together, Hourglass)

#2: Scary books (Seriously scary. Not gore-y. Gore is a no-go for me)

#3: Magical Realism with equally magical writing
(If you write like April Genevieve Tucholke and tackle weird topics, hell yea I'm your girl)

#4: F/F YA
Want a surefire method to get me to read and review your book? Send me f/f YA. I'll take anything I can get.

#5: Disability and chronic illness
If you wrote a book like that AND are disabled/chronically-ill yourself FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SEND ME YOUR BOOK I REALLY REALLY WANT TO READ IT

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email and/or talk to me on other social media!

Where to find me: Goodreads  Google +  Tumblr  Twitter   Bloglovin

Guest posts:
SF Signal: Mind Meld: The Changing Relationship Between Reviewers, Publishers and Authors

Quoted in:
AudioBook Treasury: The 5th Wave Audio Book Reviews
Jenny in Neverland: Do Numbers Really Matter?

FOREWARNED by Holly M. Campbell

"Full of surprises, relatable and thought-provoking,
Forewarned is truly a reading pleasure!"

- The Bookavid

(full review here)

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