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10 Things That Annoy Me About Fellow Readers | #BloggerConfessions

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While I love the reading community dearly, there are always some people who make it hard for everyone. 

Whether it's the stranger in the tube who frustrated me by manhandling a library book, or the passionate reader who thinks they have to shout at me until I start liking their favorite book.

Here are 10 things that annoy me about fellow readers:

1) Patronize
The one thing that's so great about books is that there is a book that they'll love for everyone out there. There's no reason to give anyone crap for liking something they don't.

2) Damaging books that don't belong to them
Especially with library books or borrowed books. You can do whatever you want to your own property, but it makes me furious when people write in library books or damage a book I've loaned to them. It's disrespectful and rude and there's no excuse for this behavior.

3) Complaining about how people handle their own property
As long as a book belongs to you, you're allowed to do whatever you want with it. Set it on fire, tear it apart, write in the margins w h a t e v e r. But book snobs will give you crap for exactly that at any chance they get and it's super annoying and classist.

4) Not giving back books
Nothing is worse than me getting excited for my friends to read a book I've given to them. I'm waiting days. Weeks. Months. Still no answer. When I ask about the book, it's usually either "oh I forgot reading it" or "oh yea I read it 4 months ago". Please don't make me ask for my book back.

5) Being mean to people who don't share their opinions/taste
I'll never understand the urge to fight people who don't have the same taste? They're not going to magically change their minds.

6) Considering everything they like high-class literature and everything they don't, inferior
When you read a lot, you know that there is a HUGE difference between popularity and quality. But at the end of the day everyone can like what they want and it shouldn't be any of your business.

7) Rating books that aren't even released yet on Goodreads
Oh my god??? This??? Why??? Ahhh???? Usually it's either 5 stars or 1 star, no inbetween. If you haven't read the book - DON'T RATE IT!  Sure, if you've read an advance copy, you have every right to, but what the everloving hell is it with books that got announced half a second ago already getting rated by the fandom??? Why why why

8) Only reading recent releases
I don't understand this. I genuinely do not. There are SO MANY books out there and even I, a person that always and at all times takes on too many review copies, still read about 60% backlist titles. If you're not a blogger and just read for pleasure, why only the new stuff???

9) Liking what everyone else likes, just because
I have to admit, I do roll my eyes at people who similarly to 8) only list people who have been #1 in the  NYT bestselling section in the last 5 years. Any and every favorite authors list that goes something like Rainbow Rowell, Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer, Marie Lu .... while these authors certainly are talented, HOW is it always this combination on everyone's favorite authors list?!
What did you read before these authors got published? I assume you read books before you found out about them. Or... not??

10) Judging others: You read "shitty" books = you're stupid
The amount of times I've seen usually not very well-read people insult everyone who enjoys 50 Shades of Grey or Twilight, is insane. 

Everyone who must enjoy these books must be stupid, because they're bad books! Everyone who reads smutty historical romance is an idiot! Yes, totally because what you read for pleasure directly tells you someone's IQ. What kinda logic is that? Not the logic of a smart person.

What things are your #BloggerConfessions about other readers?

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