Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mistakes To Avoid When Pitching Your Book To Book Bloggers | Book Blogging Tips (#33)

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I've been blogging for more than a year now. When you've been around for some time, authors and publishers will start approaching you.

The majority of requests I get are from self-published authors or authors that are published in small presses. 

I compiled a little list of things to do if you're looking to get your book reviewed by book bloggers.

Here are my tips for anyone looking to promote their book with the help of bloggers:

1. Not reading the review policy

Look at it like this: You want something from us.
Reading a book is time-consuming, writing a review can take up to two hours, sometimes even more. We aren't getting paid for reviewing. The least you can do is read the entire policy so you know whether you're wasting someone's time.

Pay attention to the blogger's preferences and follow instructions. Most bloggers even state specifically what the subject headline has to say and can tell when you haven't read the policy. Think of it as a business relation. Mutual respect is very important.

2. Pitching books out of the reviewer's comfort zone

Most bloggers state clearly in their policy what they want to read about and what they don't want to read about. Whether it's preferred genres, topics that they aren't interested in - again, read the policy so your request won't be deleted and ignored. Trust me, bloggers rarely take a chance on books they aren't interested in.

3. Following up

Some bloggers reply to every request, some don't.
If someone declines your request, don't send another the week after that with a stronger query. We are not literary agents. We don't make money off this, most people blog for their entertainment only. If the blogger wasn't interested in your book the first try, another pitch will only end up in the spam folder.

4. No personalization

It makes me smile when I can see in the pitch that the author/publisher really wants me to review their book and not just sends requests to every blogger they can find.
There is nothing wrong with looking for exposure, but I don't want to feel like number 3273 on your list of bloggers to pitch. Mention my name, mention books I recently read and liked and you've got a foot in the door already. But please, don't lie about reading my blog. Yes, I can tell when you're lying.

5. Being unprofessional

This includes:

  • snarky responses / insults if the blogger declines
  • offers of compensation (money, gift cards etc.)
  • persistently repitching your book
  • spam 
  • not following instructions in the review policy
  • pitching when the blogger is closed for review requests

Like this you'll make sure the blogger won't ever buy/read a book that you've written.

Bloggers: Have you any more tips on mistakes to avoid?

Come back next Thursday for another Book Blogging Tips post!

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