Thursday, December 31, 2015

Why You Should Move From Blogger Comments to DISQUS | Book Blogging Tips (#32)

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I've taken the leap a long time ago. I haven't regretted my decision and I'm proud of myself that I did it.

DISQUS has improved my blogging experience tremendously and I can only recommend it if you're thinking about changing commenting systems. 

Why Move?

Blogger probably has the worst default commenting system out of all blogging platforms there are.
Here's a list of everything that's wrong with the Blogger system:

  • The notifications don't work - (only via email, and who does that?!)
  • It's chunky and ugly
  • You can't really decipher if people are having a conversation
  • You can't add pictures/gifs
  • No options to like comments
  • Spam-protection is ridiculous
  • Not a lot options to log in if you don't have Blogger
  • No option to keep track of all your comments on other sites
Bonus: During the move you won't lose the comments you've had before.

What's DISQUS?

DISQUS is a third-party commenting system. It's not only used by a lot of bloggers in the book blogging community, but you can also find it on professional news sites for example. A lot of people use DISQUS because of the clean look and the easy way to keep track of discussions.

How Do I Move?

DISQUS makes the transition actually fairly easy. They have a distinct help site simply for that where they explain every step in detail. 

Of course you'll have to set up a free DISQUS account if you don't have one already.

One of the great perks of DISQUS is that you can get rid of it just as easily as you implemented it in your blog. If you don't like the look and aren't satisfied with it - just go over to your widgets site and delete it!

Do you like/use DISQUS? 

Do you think everybody should transition or not?

Come back next Thursday for another Book Blogging Tips post!

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