Friday, October 16, 2015

How to Get Me Hooked On Your Blog | Book Blogging Tips (#21)

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Everyone has their preferences in terms of what blogs they like to read. For a few weeks I looked at my own following habits and tried to pinpoint what it is exactly that makes me follow a blog.

1. Brilliant Reviews

While reviews aren't everything in the blogger world if you're looking to get a huge following, it can help.

I'm one of those people that actually seeks out reviews and reads the whole thing before commenting. A brilliant review for me is a review that's critical while being polite. Open your eyes and point out the little things. If you can make me laugh, there you go, new follower.

2. Diverse Content

Don't only post memes. Everyone should have a unique twist in their blog that makes them special. If you do different things than everybody else, I'm interested. I don't need to follow the 34279379th meme blog.

3. Special Features
  • Be entertaining
  • Be helpful
  • Be creative 
Write about the things that interest you. Good special features can also be personal posts, there are no boundaries!

4. Wit

That's a very broad term, but if you're smart and funny, you can even make the most boring content interesting. Unfortunately, that's not something you can learn. Some people are just naturally funny without forcing it, that's why it is important to add personality to your blog.

5. Personality

A common misconception among newbie bloggers is that you have to keep everything clean and professional. As a reader, I love personal posts. Not in the terms of writing an online diary, but actually showing who you are and what you like. You can be subjective all you want, you're running a book blog after all. There will be a lot of people following you for your personal posts only if you're doing it right.

6. Interaction

Talk to me.
If I leave a comment on your blog, I obviously want to interact. If you reply, I might come back. There's nothing more satisfying than leaving a comment on a blogger's blog and have it turn into a conversation. I've actually made a fair share of friendships like that.

7. The Learning Factor

If I read one of posts and think to myself: "Well, that was brilliant. I could learn a lot from that blogger, so I better observe them" - then a follow is guaranteed. As bloggers I think most of us crave improvement. We want our blogs to be the very best they can be. If you can assist me with that, I probably just became your number one fan.

8. Similar Taste / Great Recommendations

Naturally we click on reviews of books that interest us. I tend to read a lot of reviews about:

  1. Popular books: To determine whether they are for me
  2. Books I loved/hated: To find out what other people think of them. I rarely read reviews about books that I just found mediocre.
  3. My favorite authors' works: Because I can never get enough of them and have to decide which book to read next
  4. Books with great covers: Secretely we all pretend we don't care about covers, but show me a pretty cover in my Bloglovin feed and I'll be sure to check it out
  5. Books of my preferred genre: Sometimes I have a very obscure taste in books. If you have that same taste and read books in that genre, I'm following you just to keep up with what new books there are on the market.
If your taste matches mine, that's a surefire way to get me hooked.

What does it take to get you hooked on a blog?

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