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How NOT to Advertise For Your Blog | Book Blogging Tips (#7)

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Advertising your blog.

We all know, in order to get an audience, we have to make sure to get our names out there. 

Especially when you're new to blogging, it's essential to let everyone know that you're there. You can't get followers from scratch. So how do you do it?

There are four popular ways to advertise:

1. Comment on other people's blogs
2. Share your posts through all social media platforms you can find (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Tumblr, Google+, Goodreads etc.)
3. Ask popular bloggers to give you a shout-out
4. Leave your links all over forums and other people's blogs

Notice how two of these aren't like the others?

When advertising your blog, you have to be careful not to become a spammer. Because when people think you're spamming, there's no way they're going to click on your blog.
They might even report you for spam and that's when you're really going to have trouble building an audience.

When Does Advertising Stop and Spamming Begin?

When commenting on other blogs, some bloggers like to leave their links.

That's fine and all, but when you encounter the same person leaving the exact same comment on ten different blogs, it's starting to get a little fishy.

For 1 in 10 cases that technique might actually work, but I can say that I'm not fond of people commenting on my blog with a nonsense contribution like

"Cool Blog, Check Out Mine MyName @"

Same goes for leaving your links everywhere - there are subtle ways of doing it, but in most of the cases the newbie bloggers I encounter that do this are not very subtle!

You have to be very careful not to be aggressive about your promotion, because the book community is smaller than you think. People will start to recognize you and remember your comments.


  • Leave your signature or URL under a comment (IF that comment makes sense and you actually have something to contribute)
  • Collaborate for cross promotion with a blogger that has a similar reach
  • Ask for follow backs and promotion on platforms that are built for that purpose! (Book Blogging Archives, Follow Back Memes)
  • Share your posts everywhere (twitter, facebook, bloglovin etc.)


  • Ignore the content of the post you're commenting on completely
  • Put the same generic comment under every post you encounter just for the sake of exposure
  • Message people on social media asking for follow backs if you've never spoken to them before
  • Ask people for shout outs that have no idea who you are
  • Ask bloggers with a completely different reach than yours for promotion 
  • @ and mention random people you've never talked to before on social media with the purpose of promoting your content

What's the best way to advertise?
Would you consider leaving your link spamming?

Come back next Thursday for another Book Blogging Tips post!

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  1. Grace @ Rebel Mommy BookBlogJuly 9, 2015 at 1:51 PM

    I agree with all your points 100%. I hate the comments that have nothing to do with your post at all and have a link back to them. I think being active and commenting (thoughtfully) is a great way to get people to know you and your blog. Great post!

  2. Absolutely, isn't that the best part of blogging? ;) Thank you!

  3. I got a comment like this recently. I usually respond to every comment, or try to anyways. I had no response to that. I will let a comment like that go through once, but not anymore than that. And no, I didn't go and check out her post.

  4. Obviously not :p Sometimes the curiosity makes me still check out those bloggers' blogs, but I sure as hell won't comment back then. But what do you if it happens multiple times? I have no idea how to deal with these tbh.

  5. I'm looking for interaction in comments that I leave or that are left on my blog. I do understand that some people do this for convenience, but in the case of spamming the same one copy/paste link every week gets old - and shows me that interaction is the last thing that "commenter" wants. I allow it once, the next time that same commenter drops the same c/p then I start deleting. And I no longer feel badly about it. I blog because I love books and generally like book people - I want conversation, and I hate spam in any shape, form or flavor.

  6. Great post. I’ve had people who have left a link and nothing else in the comments on my blog. If I just see a random link, there’s no way that I’m going to click on it. I usually delete those comments.

  7. Lmao, these are the best. Honestly, what do these people think?!

  8. That's the right attitude. I don't delete comments, maybe I should start doing it. You're absolutely right, stuff like this shows that they don't want any interaction, so I should probably not give any attention to them at all.

  9. Those generic comments that sometime have absolutely NOTHING to do with the posts drive me crazy. I'm someone who likes visiting new blogs and commenting back, but that's one sure way to make me never want to visit your blog. A meaningful comment doesn't always have to be the longest. You can say something thoughtful in a line or two, which probably takes up less time than copying and pasting!!
    I've sadly seen way too many established bloggers do that too, which is kind of crazy to think about!
    Also those "Old Follower" comments ... UGH!
    Great post, Jen!

  10. I don't know, maybe that whole system actually worked for them once upon a time. :D
    What do they even mean by old follower? Obviously I'll recognize someone when theyve commented quite a few times.

  11. I hate the generic comments that people leave, with just their link at the end. I am far too polite and so still feel the need to reply to it and then actually visit their blog. I should probably stop as it just encourages it! I love meaningful comments, whether long or short but as long as they are actually meaningful and the person has taken the time to read my comment. I usually don't leave my link at the end of my comments, but it doesn't bother me when others do - I actually prefer it, makes it easier to go straight to their blog if I want to visit. I only leave links on meme posts, for that exact reason - to make it easier for the person if they want to visit me. Great post and great advice for newbie bloggers, or any blogger in general. I am sure I was guilty of a couple of the don't ones back when I started blogging.

  12. Oh I love this post, it is so true! I really hate when people just write something unrelated to the post and then ask for a follow back! And real comments are so nice and so amazing to answer, I am too one of these people who will always check the blog of person who is actually interest in what I am writing rather than just spamming, that is actually how I found your blog too! :)

    Hannah @

  13. I am luckily not getting the generic comments (yet), but I do get the random twitter tags that are spammy and annoying. I am happy to see I have been doing things appropriately instead of becoming a blogging pariah. 😇

  14. The ones that give me pause are the comments that are relevant to my post but then contain a link to some business that is completely unrelated to anything I discuss on my blog. The other day it was window blinds. Why include that link if it's not meant to be a sneaky way to advertise?

  15. I always leave a link to my blog at the bottom of my comments, but I NEVER randomly spam comment people. I read what you wrote and say something about it. Leaving a link is just plain convenient for people. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  16. When you first mention "advertising" I though you'd talk about ads but I get you're talking the more subtle stuff. This: DON'T Put the same generic comment under every post you encounter just for the sake of exposure. I used to get them when I joined so many memes. That's why I've narrowed down my meme joining!

  17. I agree with all of your points! There are ways and places where you can advertise your post without being annoying and spammy. Leaving your blog link without even reading the post and saying the same generic things will definitely make people give you the side-eye and will make them even less inclinded to read your post. I always find Twitter to be the best place to advertise your link and get hits. And of course, meaningful comments! I met so many of my friends because of them!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  18. You should definitely stop. You're making more effort than the people who commented. ;)
    Don't feel bad about it, we were all beginners once!

  19. Thank you! Oh, I had no idea! That's why it's important to show mutual respect and write a meaningful comment.

  20. Hurray for that! I can't exactly say that I was as "appropriate" as you when I first started out :P

  21. What omg! I've never had those before and I hope I never will. I'd definitely delete that stuff immediately.

  22. It may be - but only if you write a comment that contributes to the conversation. ;)

  23. No, I don't have enough experience when it comes to ads! Probably should have picked a more precise post title. Yeah, it's an epidemic when you're doing a lot of memes, I quit the one or other meme just because of that actually.

  24. Definitely agree! I have no clue how to work twitter to be honest. I'll probably have to go around ask for some advice on that, so many people say that twitter is the best medium.

  25. Very true! Oh, and I should have mentioned - I read somewhere that leaving your link might increase your chances of being moderated. I haven't experienced this personally (at least not that I know of - I guess it's hard to tell for sure since some people moderate all of their comments), but it's something to keep in mind if someone does include links and find that they're being moderated all the time.

  26. I only include a link when commenting on a meme in which I am also participating. After my comment that shows I read the post I'll write: Here's my post: and the URL.

    Once in a while I have a link to add to a discussion, but that's pretty rare.
    I also try not to post the same thing to all the social media on the same day.

    I've found that using the share links in other people's posts for articles I really like gets me more visitors, both the blogger and their friends who saw I tweeted or posted from that person's blog.

  27. Hahaha! I have to wonder if you're referring to the specific blogger(s) I'm thinking about right now because I've encountered the exact comment you quoted above more times than I can count. I always leave my link, to be honest. I actually get irritated when people -don't- leave a link! I like to check out everyone who comments on my blog, but I'm really not going to go searching for you if you don't leave a link... Maybe that's just wrong, but I just don't feel like spending all that time searching for blogs when I could be commenting on other peoples' posts!

  28. I wrote a whole post about this myself giving three tips on how to promote without abusing comments, and you make a good point. It's so frustrating when I receive comments from people just looking to promote rather than people actually interested in the content I've worked hard on. It's disheartening, and is just bad form. Fantastic post Jen!

  29. I actually like it when people leave their links to stuff that could interest me - like you said, leaving your link for a meme is fine and all, but I think it's very sketchy if people randomly just leave a link to their newest post that has nothing to do with the topic.

  30. I'm sure everyone knows a handful of those bloggers ;)
    I usually don't, mostly out of convenience. I should probably do it more because it would technically give me more exposure, but eh... i dont feel like it's right, when I'm commenting I don't want to be advertising for myself, but just contributing to the conversation. It's not like it's impossible find my blog if somebody is interested (I mean, one click on the icon almost always links back to the commenters' websites..)
    Idk, I guess its personal preference.

  31. Oh man, this is SO TRUE. I like to leave my URL on the Blogger comment system simply because when I used Blogger, sometimes it was hard to find the person's blog. But man, nothing slays me like those generic comments! NOTHING.

    I do not understand. How does anyone think that is acceptable etiquette!? I saw a comment on someone else's blog along the lines of "I followed you on GFC and I would like you to do the same". UM, no? That isn't how that works!

    The copy and pasted comments HAVE to be the worst. At least I get to laugh at them when they are completely irrelevant to my post ;)

    (I was so tempted to say something like "cool blog, here's mine, follow me ALL the ways" bwhahah)

  32. Ah yes. Definitely agree. I've done a similar post for authors. lol So many overlapping ideas between bloggers and authors on proper etiquette. I'm fine if people leave their link for the day in the comments they leave (makes it easier to get back to them and check them out) but yeah not if it's just a fake comment to leave the link.

  33. At this point I just don't even reply to these anymore, I used to do it but honestly, they annoy me so much it's surreal.

  34. I'd love to see your post, I tried to find it on your blog but failed miserably :/
    "Fake comment" yes I should start calling them that^^


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