Thursday, July 30, 2015

How to Simplify Your Blogging Experience in 5 Steps | Book Blogging Tips (#10)

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Over the past couple of months I noticed that I changed my blogging habits a lot. I decided to share some things with you that helped me become a better and more relaxed blogger. 

Blogging is about you and enjoying yourself, so you're responsible for making the best out of it! Here are five tips that will hopefully help you out:


It's there fore a reason, I'm serious. It took me ages to figure out that I don't have to write posts the day I want to publish them. I don't even know how I managed to live like that. It's super stressful to have to come up with a post at the top of your head and it's even more stressful to think for the rest of the week about what you're going to write. You'll run out of content every fast if you do that.


You should give yourself a vacation from blogging sometimes. Trust me, even when you don't think you'll need it, it won't do any harm to plan one. If you've got a well stocked queue, nobody will even notice you were gone.


You'd be surprised at how many new and helpful things you're going to discover. Never considered doing a certain type of posts, or a new social media platform or a starting your own feature?
Just do it. What can go wrong?


You can learn from other bloggers.
Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I'm not saying you should flat out copy content - I'm saying that you should take a close look at how they're blogging and how it's working out for them.

Examine your fellow blogs closely and maybe change things about yours that aren't working out well for you.


You can't excel at everything. Even the top bloggers whose names everybody knows started out little. If you need help, go ask for it. Get somebody to help you instead of getting frustrated and trying to fix the problem on your own for hours (especially when it's theme-related stuff - the amount of hours I've wasted on that...)

What are Your Tips To Simplify Your Blogging Experience?

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