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Do You Need To Post Every Day To Be Successful? | Book Blogging Tips (#5)

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When I first started out I thought that the most important thing about my blog is to post a lot and to post consistently. 

While that partly may be true, I noticed very quickly that it's possible to go over the top with all that content.

What Types of Content are There?

It seems to be a well-kept secret- how to mix up the best combination of ingredients to cook the perfect blog.

Let's break down what kind of posts there are. At the top of my head I can think of nine:
  1. How-To's / Advice
  2. Reviews
  3. Memes
  4. Findings
  5. Personal Updates / Q&As
  6. Photo posts
  7. Discussions
  8. Lists
  9. Other / Original Content
Some of these overlap to some extent; a meme also be a photo post, a discussion post or a list for example.

What you want to do VS What your readers want to see

When it comes to blog content, everyone seems to have their own recipe. For some people it's reviews only, for some people it's only original features and for some it's a combination of everything.

In theory then, you might be on the safe side if you do a little bit of everything, right?

Just do all different types of posts in a loop and wait for the followers to jam in the doors?


Too many updates and too much stuff will clutter your blog and is almost just as bad as having too boring or too little content. Posting multiple times a day every day will not only scare away readers, it can also get pretty exhausting. If you have many, many ideas you can still queue the posts and use them as a cushion whenever you're not feeling like blogging.

But How Much Content is too much?

Some blogs with high follower stats only have six posts per month, some have thirty.

My personal take is that you just have to find your niche. With blogging it's all about finding the perfect combination that you're equally as comfortable with as your readers. Pick a few things that you like, experiment a little and find out what kinds of posts you are best at.

If you're having fun, it will translate in your writing and you'll automatically produce better quality content. And who are we kidding here, could you really keep up posting fifty posts per month for years to come? I don't think so.

My ultimate tip would be: Don't focus on quantity, focus on quality.

What kind of posts do you like to read?

What are your favorite posts to write?

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  1. My favorite types of posts to read and write are reviews and discussions. I post 3-6 times a week, but I don’t really consider my blog successful. It doesn’t get many views, but I enjoy writing posts, so I keep doing it.

  2. Yeah, those are my favorites, too. You're a successful blog the second you're having fun and liking what you do ;)

  3. My blog still largely consists of reviews, memes, and discussions. Sometimes I do post seven days a week. Then again, sometimes I skip a few days! I don't feel like I have to be on any schedule. And maybe that's why I don't have thousands of views every day!

  4. Oh come on, your blog is wonderful! I think you have the perfect blend of variety in your posts. At the end of the day it only matters whether you're enjoying what you do I suppose.

  5. I fell into the trap of posting literally anything as filler content. Don't succumb would be my advice. Now I want to go back and delete delete delete hahahaha

  6. (just do iiiit) I'm guilty of that too, I guess it's a common newbie blogger mistake ;)

  7. I have been doing only reviews so far. But I am adding other feature posts too. That way I can have variety and have fun with :) I review for my enjoyment but I do get some views.

  8. It's always super tempting to just post reviews. Of course, your blog should be first just for you.

  9. Great post! I am super new and still finding my way but I like to do a mix of reviews, memes and discussions. I also mix in some not book stuff in there too every once and a while. I try to post 4-6 times a week. I like reading a mix so that's what I try to post.

  10. That's the perfect mix. You just have to see what works for you and your readers. Posting about the things you like to read personally is never a bad idea.

  11. I used to stress about posting every single day, but I've relaxed on that a lot more now. I still try to post five times a week or so, but I know that it doesn't have to happen that way. I post a blend of reviews, discussions and occasional memes, but I'd like to throw in some more how-to posts (now that I've been doing this for long enough that I feel qualified. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  12. I agree about the number of posts being far less important than the quality of the posts. I post once a day and that is good for me. I do occasionally post twice a day if I have something else to add, but I don't want to do to more than that. I don't like blogs that are posting constantly. I can't keep up with reading four posts a day! I also don't really like blogs that only post about once a week either. I prefer something around every day or two. But that's just me. Either way, don't over do it and feel stressed about constantly posting. That's no fun.

  13. I love your blog's content, I think you're doing just fine. Yeah, I used to be like that, too. I've learned to only post when I've actually got something to say :D

  14. Wow, I have never encountered a blog that posts four times a day! I'm struggling even trying to post once a day. The worst thing you can do is to stress yourself, I just do whatever works for me :)

  15. I've posted twice in one day a few times, but the second post gets lower priority and is usually something I'm obliged to do that wouldn't get a lot of traffic on it's own. I have a huge pile of posts in reserve, some tags, reviews, discussions for when I'm busy or sick or just don't want to blog.

  16. Having posts in reserve is the best decision I've ever made. I don't know how people manage to keep up their blogs without a well-stacked queue!

  17. I definitely agree that quality is far more important than quantity. I like reading reviews and discussion posts. And tags can be fun because I like seeing the different answers that people give. Those are also my favourite to write as well. Plus I enjoy having a movie review now and then as I love discussing movies.

  18. Oh yes, I'd love to do movie reviews! I think I'd probably have to put them on a side blog though, I wanna keep my blog strictly book-related. Maybe I'll make an exception for books-turned-into-movies? I don't know. I'll keep that in mind!


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