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Pros and Cons of Book Blogging Memes | Book Blogging Tips (#4)

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When I started blogging, I had no idea what a meme was. Initially I thought that memes were only supposed to be a fun pastime activity and make up a very small portion of a blog. 

I thought book blogging was all about reviewing and getting your opinion out there! 

What Kind of Memes Are There?

Memes typically encourage you to participate by posting lists, pictures or anything that's easy to come up with. Most meme posts are easy to write and take less time than writing an actual original content-post. 

There are memes for:
  • Getting people to comment on your posts 
  • Showcasing the person behind the blog 
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Sharing your newest purchases
  • Or simply showing what you're reading at the moment
  • Doing case studies of your books & characters
  • Promoting new books
  • Doing Lists
  • Or simply just for fun
A meme post is quick and easy and requires little to no effort on the blogger's side.

You can even build a blog entirely based on only doing memes and not reviewing a single novel.  
Some big blogs even feature link widgets where you can sign up with your blog so everyone can see your post.
You're encouraged to visit other people's takes on the topic and you'll quickly notice an increase in traffic on your site for posts like these.

People will come to read what you've got to say, so it's also a great opportunity for you as a blogger.

Reviews VS Memes

For the reader it's easy to consume meme posts in a relatively short time. It's more difficult to keep focused and read an entire 800-word review than to just scroll down a Top Ten Tuesday list.

Sometimes writing reviews can be exhausting and time-consuming. A well-thought out review can take up to two hours to write, the odd meme post a maximum of an hour and when not including pictures, even less. It's equally easy and fun! You should think that that's a win:win situation right there.

You always have to consider what your readers want to see as well.

What the People (Your Possible Readers) Want

People don't only want to read your reviews, they want fun content, they want lists, they want memes.

How do I know? If you're a blogger, you can clearly tell from the statistics. You will notice that memes make it fairly easy to get more traffic and more comments.

Traffic isn't everything, in the end, everyone has to make that choice for themselves.

In Short:

Pros of Doing A Lot of Memes:
  • Easy to prepare in advance 
  • Quick to read
  • It's fun to read other bloggers' contributions to the same topic
  • They give you a break from creating original content
  • Get you more exposure if it's a blog hop
 Cons of Doing a Lot of Memes: 
  • Little to no room for originality
  • Encourages "laziness" - not even trying for original content
  • It's tempting to overdo them
  • Too many memes can easily ruin a blog's first impression

What do you think about memes? 

How many memes are TOO MANY? 


  1. Konstantina PapazoglouMay 22, 2015 at 9:02 PM

    Very useful post! For the time being I'm not participating in any meme, but I've been thinking about it. I do have lists and the weekly Reading Book Post, but this is all literary news and it takes some effort to actually write it every Monday.

    Aeriko @

  2. Thank you! You should think about doing Top Ten Tuesday, it's a quick and easy one and you'll meet a lot of great people through it. It's hosted by
    All blog posts take effort though if you're doing them right ;)

  3. Great post! As of right now, I only do 2 memes, Top Ten Tuesday (which we just started back doing) and Stacking the Shelves. With the end of school coming up, I thought about jumping back in to Waiting on Wednesday just to have something to post that'll be easier to draft where I'm so busy but I haven't decided yet.

  4. Thank you! I used to do stacking the shelves, too, but I'm just terrible at book photography. It's better for everyones' eyes if I don't do this meme :D

  5. Nice summary about meme-ing! I know how it feels to be over-memed! Except for BookmarkMonday (which is my meme) and Friday 56/Book Beginnings, I join in other as I feel like it. I hate it when the fun is sucked out of things ;)

  6. *tips hat* thank you. I was so over-memed back when I started. BookmarkMonday is excellent, you better keep that meme!
    Yeah, I'm contemplating whether I should do it that way as well. It's way easier and more relaxed to only do those memes when you feel like doing them. Since my blog is 900% scheduled posts I don't think that'll be an issue soon.

  7. You're absolutely right! I wouldn't really count them as memes, I guess we have to make a distinction there. I'd rather call those kind of things challenges. I refer to memes as those kind of posts where you get a certain topic and have to do a list on them like Wishlist Wednesday /Top Ten Tuesday / Waiting on Wednesday etc. Or stuff like Stacking the Shelves.

    I'd actually rather say that Discussion Challenge posts count as original content. It's all just a matter of definition I guess.

    Effort is the magical word. That's exactly my point. The sad truth is that it's easy to make a meme post every day - they're quickly written if you don't think about them properly and don't take your time. You can run a good quality blog just based on memes, when you're putting effort in them, there's some big blogs out there that have pulled this off.

    I'm absolutely NOT saying that you have to do original content - of course not everybody has the time and inspiration for that.
    Well, that was kind of long. Sry. Thanks for the great comment, I appreciate it!! :)

  8. Haha yea I get what you mean! It all comes down to definition. I feel like Top Ten Tuesday is kinda like an in-between though. It can be considered original content as well depending on the topic of the week!

    I do prefer a blog with occasional original content though (either reviews, discussions or just life updates!). I would rather blogs overdo memes than overdo blog tours, blitz and cover reveals though. I would never follow a blog that takes part in all that 5 times a week lol. (Especially when they obviously just copy and paste their content from the tour organiser :/)

  9. I've seen blogs do it really uniquely and I've also seen blogs just slap their picks in there without any explanation. You can make everything stand out if you just try.

    Yeah, I guess that's what makes you stand out. Everyone can "just do" the memes, but you have to show a little personality. There are so many book blogs out there, you have to leave an impression somehow.

    God, yeah. Cover reveals are the bane of my existence. I mean, the occasional reveal is absolutely fine if you're really excited about it, but seeing the same cover revealed at the same time on 31809382 blogs is just exhausting.
    Absolutely, 100% agree with you.

  10. Great post girl! I myself have a love hate relationship with memes. They do bring a lot of traffic to the blog, but at the same time, I hate it when blogs have more memes than original content, so I reduced the amount of memes I did gradually. I only do Top Ten Tuesday, and even then, I only do it when the topic interests me.

  11. Thank youu! Same, I'm very conflicted about TTT in general, I have an absolute love/hate relationship with that meme. I'm slowly trying to switch over to publishing more original content than memes, but everybody should do what works best for them :)

  12. Fantastic post. I was doing the Top Ten Tuesday meme until a few months ago after realizing 50% or more of the blogs I follow were posting Top Ten Tuesday posts and I got so bored reading them. I thought, well, if I'm bored maybe my readers are just as bored. I think doing memes is fine but when everyone has the same thing up, I don't even look at them anymore. I'm craving originality more lately I think.

  13. Thank you! Haha, I still do Top Ten Tuesday because I've been doing it since I started, I just don't want to let go. I absolutely get why you feel like that. Yes, I've been feeling like that lately as well. Why read 35 blogs that all post the same memes? I didn't even consider original posts in the first 3 months of my blogging career.

  14. I love memes but I think you should keep it to maybe half of your posts, no more. Something like that. I do two book reviews, one graphic novel review, and a throwback book review each week. I also do a discussion post. But I do three or so memes a week too. They're great because you can cover a range of different topics and you can prepare them ahead of time. It's nice. I just don't want to look at only memes. I do Musing Mondays because that gives a question a week which you get to answer. I do the Top Ten Tuesday because it has a range of topics and I can prepare them well ahead of time. And I do Feature and Follow Friday so I can get some new followers and answer the weekly question.

  15. 50/50 is a good rule of thumb. As long as you do not do 100% memes, it's fine I guess.

  16. Memes are a fun way of encouraging discussion or thinking of some unique content to write about. They're fun to read every now and then, especially the Top Ten Lists and the Waiting for Wednesdays. I think it's all about striking the right balance. Great discussion topic!

  17. I read memes to hear about new books and get to know my fellow bloggers, in addition to the traffic they can bring. I do a few that are essentially selling the book, Wondrous Words Wednesday, which is great for historical fiction or books that take place in exotic locations and on Fridays Book Beginnings & Friday 56, which work well for exciting people to read a review because you're giving them a little preview. In the end I link them all together, which helps traffic and hits, and it means that the book I am reviewing could be the focus of a post as many as 3 times on my blog, which the publishers and marketing people like. If a book doesn't work with a meme, I don't use it of course.

  18. I had no idea about Wondrous Words Wednesday! I absolutely love the concept. As soon as I'm retiring one of the memes I do frequently, I'll probably pick this one up! Thank you for showing me!

    The technique is genius, actually. I have only one Friday meme (Feature & Follow Friday), but I've been thinking about adding another for a while, I just don't want my blog to be swamped with memes :S! Combining them is a very elegant solution.

  19. The only meme that I participate in semi-regularly is Top Ten Tuesday because I really do enjoy the top ten lists quite often. I occasionally participate in something else if it strikes my fancy, but not that often (I don't count the Sunday Post as a meme, since it's just a weekly wrap-up). I think you hit the nail on the head with this post, though - the key is balance. Participate in a meme if it seems fun and interesting to you, but don't feel tied to them - and don't make them the only thing you post. Try to come up with some truly original content too!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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