Thursday, April 30, 2015

5 Ways to Get Out of A Reading Slump | Book Blogging Tips (#2)

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I guess we've all been there and we've all hated that we couldn't just shake it off. I collected various pieces of advice and

made a little list of things you can do to help getting out of reading slumps.

What's a Reading Slump?

Having a reading slump means temporarily having no motivation and desire to read.

How Do I Get a Reading Slump?

There are many ways that you can get a reading slump. Sometimes it's not only one factor, but a combination of the things listed below. Sometimes it's something entirely different. 

  • You've read a new favorite book and think that NOTHING could ever live up to that novel, so you don't even want to try
  • You've read a bunch of terrible books after another and you really don't have any motivation to try another book, because you fear it might be equally as bad
  • You're suffering from a major book hangover! You're still mentally attached to the characters and the world building of the last novel you read and don't want to read about something else
  • You've read too many books in the same genre and are generally just tired of repetitive concepts
  • You're just not feeling like reading for no specific reason

So How Do I Get Rid of It?

This is my approach. You have to consider that depending on what caused the slump, you have to pick a different way to get rid of it. Sometimes you even need to do all five to get back on a reading high.

1. Reread old favorites: Make sure to pick a book that you absolutely love and ideally already have read multiple times. 

2. Look for books by your go-to authors: I have about five authors that are guaranteed to write books that I'll love. There's nothing you need more than a good book when you're in a slump!

3. Try a quick read: The most important thing is to READ if you want to get out of a slump. Big books don't really appeal to me when I have no motivation to read, so I usually go for a quick and thin book.

4. Change the genre: I tend to get stuck in slumps after reading many books of the same genre. Go for a different direction this time.

5. Try Something Out of Your Comfort Zone: You'd be surprised by how well this works. Read something you usually wouldn't go for - who knows, maybe it'll become your new favorite type of book!

Do You Have Any Tips On How To Get Out of A Reading Slump?

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  1. Grace @ Rebel Mommy BookBlogApril 30, 2015 at 11:31 PM

    If I am in a slump I usually take a bit a time away, maybe binge a show on netflix, then go for a quick read or a favorite author. That usually pulls me out of it!

  2. Taking some time away is definitely a pretty good suggestion!

  3. These are great tips that I definitely will follow whenever I suffer from a terrible reading slump which is truly a reader's worst nightmare.. hahaha

    Great post!♥

    - Jumana @

  4. I definitely try to change the genre when I slump and I also find that reading reviews helps immensely to my want to read. I also love the idea of going out of your comfort zone.

    Lauren @

  5. reading reviews is a new one. I haven't tried that before, maybe I should!


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